About Us

My background is in publishing, I've worked for some of the biggest names in media in Australia and communicating stories and ideas is what I'm all about. I'm a magazine Editor, an author, a columnist, a therapist, a health professional, a presenter, a mother and most importantly a spiritual being trying to make sense of this physical experience called life!

Omigoddess! is my vision. It came out of a personal passion - to create a magazine that was empowering, informative and entertaining, that I would love to read! It also emerged from a longing to create an amazing resource for Australian women and men, who wanted to connect with people, products, events and information that reflected what was important to them (and to me).

Omigoddess! is an ethical company that cares about doing business with integrity. It's also about conscious journalism - two things that I value highly - we work hard to walk our talk in the Omigoddess! office. Most of all, I hope you love the magazine and use the directory and calendar, because ultimately all of this, is about you.

  • Julie Hamilton
  • Founder & Editor in Chief
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  • "With our thoughts, we make our world"
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  • Julie Hamilton
  • If you want to contact us for any reason then please call on 1300 291 298 or email us at info@omigoddess.com.au

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