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hop-scotchWhats your child’s destiny?  Its all in the numbers.

Numerology can offer a unique insight into your childs personality and help you work out the best way to connect with them.  It can also reveal what life path best suits them.  First, you need to work out your childs number.

Add together the digits in their date of birth, then reduce it to a single digit.  For example, if their birthdate is 11.3.2005, add 1 + 1 + 3 + 2 + 0 + 0 + 5 = 12; 1 + 2 = 3.  This is your childs life lesson number.  Use Maxs guide to see what it reveals about him or her.

Life Lesson 1 (Active)

This child is independent and driven.  They are natural leaders so parents will need to be firm and talk straight to them as it is hard for them to take orders.  It is important to be a strong and positive role model for these children, if they see signs of weakness they will play on it.  They are naturally competitive, learn fast and are in to everything, so make sure they get plenty of exercise so they tire themselves out and will sleep at night.  They suit active careers such as the police or armed forces, fireman, paramedics or in sports.

Life Lesson 2 (Passive)

This child is passive and nurturing with a loving nature.  Their feelings are easily hurt so watch what you say to them and even what they may hear around them for that matter.  They mix well with other children and family is very important to them.  They love cuddles and spending Sunday morning in bed with mum and dad.  They will connect with their mother and require a soft and supportive approach to discipline.  They suit caring professions such as nursing, counseling, teaching, child minding or veterinarians.

Life Lesson 3 (Social)

This child loves to talk and is very social.  Their friends are very important to them and it will mean a lot if you show interest.  They crave attention so speak clearly and listen to them for best results.  They love and cherish their parents, crave variety and respond particularly well to music and entertainment.  Ask them how their day was and make sure you read them a bed time story.  They suit entertaining careers such as media, acting, telecommunications or journalism.

Life Lesson 4 (Physical)

This child is practical and stubborn.  They need routine and system around them in order to function properly.  They like a strong role model to look up to and organization is the name of the game.  They will connect with their father and he will play an important part in their life.  Discipline is important but dont forget to help them to have fun and relax.  They love being outdoors and enjoy playing with the family pet.  They suit structured careers such as building & construction, farming, real estate or engineering.

Life Lesson 5 (Active)

This child is very active and positive with lots of potential.  They grasp things quickly so you will have to be on the ball with them.  They are naturally inquisitive and like to explore so make sure you keep an eye on them as they will be in to everything.  They are motivated and like nice things around them (home and clothes etc).  They also like their food, so dont over feed them or weight issues could affect them.  They suit adventurous careers such as the travel industry, investment, recruitment or airlines.

Life Lesson 6 (Passive)

This child is the mediator and peacemaker.  They are loving children and dont like arguments or aggression around them.  They tend to be attractive and are quite the little charmer.  Nice clothes, fashion and grooming will be important to them and they may even become stressed if they get dirty or dont look the part.  Painting or decorating their room is guaranteed to impress.  They suit creative careers such as modeling, floristry, interior design, architecture or acting.

Life Lesson 7 (Active)

This child has a super active mind.  They are very intelligent and inventive but are also accident prone so make sure you clean up the house and yard.  They tend to gravitate to other smart children and wont tolerate fools.  They are born problem solvers so educational toys are a must and computer games will appeal.  Establishing good sleep routines early in life is essential as insomnia and even nightmares can disrupt them.  They suit visionary careers such as media, telecommunications, inventing or information technology.

Life Lesson 8 (Active)

This child is a little powerhouse and a born leader.  Discipline, guidance and building trust is very important when raising this child.  Issues relating to money, power and sex will feature in their lives so teach and guide them through these subjects.  They are very protective of their siblings however do like to run the show and be boss.  They can have a bad temper when they dont get their way.  They suit driven careers such as business & commerce, government, banking & finance.

Life Lesson 9 (Passive)

This child is the daydreamer and loves to analyse.  They love escapism and fantasy so encourage them to read books early on if they arent already.  They enjoy being around water so swimming or water sports will gain positive results and will prevent them being couch potatoes.  Talk straight to them from an early age and be patient as they can be moody and have a tendency to bend the truth when it suits them.  They suit problem solving careers such as psychology, forensics, counseling or private investigation.

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Profile: Max Coppa is Australias leading authority on numerology, palmistry and dream interpretation, with thirty years hands-on experience in reading and counselling people to help them take control of their lives. He is a contributor to many of Australias leading magazines (Brides, Bambini, Better Health, Spa Life, Womans Day, Good Medicine, Girlfriend, New Idea and New Woman). Max has written several books on palmistry and numerology, and has appeared on national television (Mornings with Kerri-Anne, The Morning Show and 9AM with David & Kim) and radio, and at Mind Body Spirit festivals both in Australia and overseas. His simple approach brings numerology in to the 21st century and whether its spirituality, love & relationships, careers, children, finances and more, Max can give you the answers and understanding you seek. For further information on readings, workshops, upcoming events or books you can visit


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