Is this your lucky year?

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The Nine Year Cycle

As we all know, some years are luckier, happier, more productive and more successful than others. How any certain year will affect you in that nine-year cycle depends on your own date of birth. A few simple sums will reveal what it means for you.

Add together the day and month when you were born. Then, instead of adding the total to your year of birth, add it instead to this year, 2009. However that only applies if you’ve already had your birthday. If you birthday isn’t until later on in the year, you must add you day and month to 2008. Now, ┬ákeep adding all the digits together until you arrive at a single figure between 1 and 9.

This number tells you where you are in your personal nine-year cycle. The next number along tells you what to expect in 2009.

Year One: If you’re here in your life cycle, you’re at a new personal start with a fresh sheet upon which you can write your own script. What you begin this year will come to fruition nine years from now. Try out different ideas and look upon this year as a time of new beginnings.

Year Two: This is an important partnership year, both of the intimate and professional kind. It’s time to get married, or throw in your lot with another person, or make new commitments. you’ll tend to more analytical. Be patient, co-operate watch and learn.

Year Three: Fruitful and fertile; this can be an exciting year filled with imaginative projects and creative ideas. It’s an ideal time to start or add to a family. You’ll feel full of energy and fresh thoughts and concepts and want to celebrate your friendships and the joy of life.

Year Four: Often people focus on property and home during this year. It’s a time in which to improve your living environment – refurbish, redecorate or even move altogether. Family’s important this year, as is security, working hard and building up your personal resources.

Year Five: What and exciting year for you! Travel, adventure, change and opportunity are all written in the stars now. Be bold and daring and follow your dreams. Reach for new opportunities and try everything. Certainly the last thing you’ll be this year is bored.

Year Six: You’re focusing on stability. It’s time to secure your nest, ensure your family is safe and happy and work hard to protect those you love. It’s a good opportunity for property and, if single, a great year for romance. you’ll nurture loved one’s and grow a happy home.

Year Seven: An important year to take time out for thought and reflection. You’ll want to sort our your life. Dig deep into your subconscious, so you can make wise decisions about your future. This is a great time for healing. Face fears head-on and listen to your inner wisdom.

Year Eight: Money luck comes this year! Clever deals, hard work, sensible budgeting and strategic investments will all reap rewards right now.  Strive to achieve more. If you sort out your finances during an Eight year cycle you will be laughing all the way to your bank.

Year Nine: This is the year of completion in which you reap the rewards of your past efforts. Things will come to fruition no in this final year of the cycle. So tie up all your loose ends and look towards new beginnings. Next year a whole new cycle of events will begin.

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2 Responses to “Is this your lucky year?”

  1. Angela says:

    Do you know anyone that does personalised numerology readings?

    • Julie says:

      We have a fantastic Numerologist Max Coppa writing for us next week. He does private sessions too. Check in for his details then.


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