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How in touch are you with your intuition? Take our quiz to find out …

HAVE YOU EVER had a really strong hunch about something and it turned out to be true? Following your instincts can help you live a more comfortable and confident life says, US intuitive and author of Trust Your Vibe, Sonia Choquette. So how in touch are you with your sixth sense? Answer these questions and see …

Mark each one Rarely, Sometimes or Often.

1. When I’m with people, I easily understand how they are feeling. 

2. I follow my gut instincts even if they don’t make sense.

3. I can tell when someone is lying to me or trying to manipulate me.

4. I know when I am on the wrong track and make changes.

5. I dream things, then they happen.

6. I tend to get overly involved with other people’s problems.

7. The first impression I have of a person turns out to be correct.

8. I switch my plans if I get ba vibes.

9. I feel protected in some way, as though someone is watching over me.

10. I see things before they happen.

11. I think of people, then they call me or I bump into them the same day.

12. I can sense whether or not people and situations are good for me.

13. There are a lot of coincidences in my life.

14. I believe I have helpers such as guardian angels.

15. I ‘just know’ how things are going to turn out.


Give yourself one point for each Rarely

Two points for Sometimes

Three points for each Often

  • IF YOUR SCORE WAS 15-24   You’re not in the habit of noticing your sixth sense but this can change rapidly if you start to check in with your personal radar. Practise the ‘Tools for Sensory Living’ below and as you open up your intuitive side, your sense of adventure and vitality will increase.
  • IF YOUR SCORE WAS 25-34   You’re already turned into your sixth sense, although you may just consider yourself ‘hypersensitive’ or ‘lucky’.  As you tune in even more, you’ll probably experience an increasing sense of safety, guidance and creativity and your life will become more exciting and satisfying.
  • IF YOUR SCORE WAS 35-45  You probably already realise your sixth sense is well developed, but you may not trust it completely. Practise using it more often and you will develop the confidence you need to begin to live the life of a full sensory being.


 Keep a notepad with you and write down your hunches. You may be surprised at how often you are spot-on.

Take time to do nothing. You access your vibes more easily during down-time or when you’re relaxing.

 Spend time outside. The natural world is alike a super conductor for intuition.

Drink lots of water. Your psychic sense is like a battery and needs to be re-charged.

Learn to hear your body. By listening to your feelings, you can contact your inner healer and learn how to really nurture yourself.

Protect yourself. If you find you are caught up in a high-energy situation, such as an argument with someone who is upset, be careful not to absorb the other person’s energy; it affects your ability to tune into your own intuition.

Pay attention to strong vibes. If you feel danger or negativity, acknowledge it and just walk away.

 Go with the flow and be spontaneous – if your vibes tell you to take a new direction then check it out. You may be surprised by what you find.

Trust yourself. Risk putting your money where your vibe is.

Share your intuition. Tell a good friend if your hunches are hitting the mark.

Have fun with it. Play and experiment with your instincts. Taking yourself too seriously is an obstacle to trusting your vibe.

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