Spiral solutions

Sand Spiral

Entering the labyrinth

If you have a burning problem or question that needs to be answered, the ritual of walking the spiralCisco 350-080 exam dumps is for you. The spiral appears in many spiritual traditions and represents cycles in nature. It shows the flow of life – everything always changing.

Crossing the threshold

Create your own spiral walk inside or out (outside is best as you can get in touch with the rhythms of the natural world). Use stones or chalk, a mowed path in the garden or sand on the beach and make sure it has a centre and an entrance “ or threshold. To make it more special, put objects which have meaning to you along the spiral. Place the mostCisco 350-023 test meaningful at the core point. 

Asking the question

Julia Tallard Johnson, author of Teen Psychic suggests your write your question on a piece of paper and on the way to the centre of the spiral, focus on your request. Once you’ve walked to the centre, she recommends you leave the question there, thank spirit for hearing and answering, then slowly walk back out of the spiral. The answer, she believes, will reveal itself within two weeks.

Party spiral

You can also create a party spiral as a beautiful birthday celebration. Everyone you invite puts something great about you on the spiral “ it can be a photo or a gift or a poem “ and then you walk it, receiving everyone’s love and good wishes.

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