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  • BIO: We specialise in Vibrational or Energy Medicine, as well as Herbal & Nutritional Medicine. We utilise a special device called SCIO to gather detailed information from your body & provide an energy balancing stimulus.

Evolved Living

As Naturopaths we draw upon a wide array of natural healing intervention and diagnostic techniques, to promote optimal health and to treat, as well as prevent, dis-ease. During a naturopathic consultation the practitioner looks at the person as a “whole “ body, mind, emotional & spiritual.

SCIO Energy Medicine
(Scientific Consciousness Interfacing Operating system)

The SCIO is is state-of-the-art Naturopathic technology. It is a Quantum Biofeedback system that swiftly identifies & corrects imbalances by neutralizing destructive wave patterns in the bodys bio-electrical field. The SCIO scans your body like a virus check on a computer, looking for weaknesses, dysfunction, allergies, abnormalities & toxicity. The device works to stimulate and harness the tremendous self-healing capacity of the human system. It provides information on the status of all body systems & organs across the complete spectrum of our being: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. The system is based on 20 years of continual research & development to provide the best energetic analysis currently available.

Therapies include:
  • Symptom & Pain Relief
  • Nutritional balancing
  • Hormonal balancing
  • Allergy desensitization
  • Stop Smoking Program
  • Sports & other Injuries
  • Fertility Program
  • Spinal, TMJ & Dental therapies
  • Anti-aging & Beauty
  • Stress Reduction & Brain balance
  • Stem cell & DNA therapy
  • Creating positive change
  • Emotional and spiritual growth.
Other services we provide:
  • 1Ionic Detox Foot Spa
  • 2Quantum Laser Therapy
  • 3Long Distance & Group Sessions
  • 4Yoga Tuition
  • 5Spiritual Health Retreats
  • 6Source Of Wellness Products, such as Tesla, Miracle 11, MMS and much more¦¦.
We look forward to seeing you soon!

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