Talking ’bout my generation

Stuck in the middle

As far as labelling generations goes, I really thought I was a Generation X, albeit an early Xer. Regardless of what the experts say, Im way too young to be a Baby Boomer and refuse to be lumped in with them. Anyway, 251-502 arent they the old folks born post-World War Two, who are well on their way to retirement now?  No thanks! Im not answering to Baby Boomer. Gen X is the go, besides its got a much cooler name. Anyway, my friends say I act like a Gen Y or worse, most of the time. (Yes I am been generationalist.)

The lost generation

But then I happened upon US cultural historian, Jonathon Pontell, who has coined the term ˜Jonesers “ that is people born from 1954 to 1965. Yay! (Okay, the names not great, but lets not quibble.) Apparently, Generation Jones is the lost generation caught between two demographics. Were stuck in the middle. Were children of the sixties, were teenagers in the seventies and took on our adult responsibilities in the eighties and beyond. Now middle-aged (again, not a term Im fond of) Jonesers are distinguished by our pragmatism, tempered scepticism, and perhaps most importantly, by the quality of ˜Jonesing”slang for a longing or craving.

Mind the (generation) gap

According to Pontell, Jonesers were given huge expectations as children in the optimistic 1960’s, and then were confronted with a different reality as they came of age in the pessimistic 1970’s, leaving them with a certain unrequited, jonesing quality. In other words, we feel hard done by! This is the situation described by Sex Pistols bass player, Sid Vicious, who said that he had missed the Summer of Love because he was too busy playing with his Action Man.As Pontell explains, ˜We fill the space between Woodstock and Lollapalooza, between “Turn on, tune in, drop out” and “Just Say No,” and between Dylan going electric and Nirvana going unplugged.

Keeping up with the Jonesers

Apparently, Generation Jones has two defining features: they tend to have more money, being at the peak of their
1Z1-871 career earnings; and they are ˜persuadable, because they are not as fixed in their preferences as older people. Pontell says that Jonesers are also busy, practical and media-savvy.

No-one has said anything about Jonesers being good-looking, witty, articulate and exceptional in the boudoir but Ill take that as a given!

Defining Joneser show: The Brady Bunch

Defining Joneser film: St Elmos Fire

Defining Joneser game: Twister

So, are you a Joneser like me? Dont despair. Youre in good company. Famous Jonesers include Russell Crowe, Madonna, Tom Cruise, Elle Macpherson, Gina Riley, Brad Pitt and Barack Obama.

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Authors Website:

Profile: After growing up in Brisbane, I ran away to Sydney, via London, and worked in book and magazine publishing. After many years living in the inner west, I woke up one morning to find myself married with three children and living on the North Shore”much to my surprise. I spend my days following the sunshine, with my head in my laptop, drinking cups of tea and writing about everyday women and their triumphs, tragedies and peculiarities. My first book, Lucy Springer Gets Even (Allen & Unwin) was published in January this year and my next one, Kate Cavendish Gets A Life (working title) should be out in time for Christmas.


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4 Responses to “Talking ’bout my generation”

  1. Elizabeth says:

    Hey, there! So, what advice would you give a Boomer (1951) who is jones-ing for beach, chocolate, and a glass of cabernet, and it isn’t even mid-afternoon? Sometimes these categories just don’t quite fit…

    Congrats, Lisa!

  2. Kirsty says:

    Love this! Explains so much.

    Course, Barack O. is the coolest Joneser. Amanda Keller would have to be a Joneser too then, hey? She seems to have the quintessential Jonesing qualities and works with a Jones.

    Keep it up :)

  3. Lisa says:

    Hi Kirsty,
    according to my source, Wikipedia, Amanda Keller was born in ’62. Definitely a Joneser!
    PS Elizabeth – beach, chocolate and a glass of cabernet? Sounds like you’re living a booming Joneser life.

  4. Caroline says:

    I’m a young Joneser (1969) by my reckoning but I still have to say that St Elmo’s Fire rocks along with Breakfast Club, Pretty in Pink, 16 Candles etc…so cheesy! Love it, Lisa!