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November 2009

Taurus Full Moon – November 3rd

Now that Saturn has shifted out of Virgo, mutable signs can breathe a little easier. Yet just after the Earth crossed Saturns ring plane a few weeks ago, it was discovered that Saturn had a new ring, much wider and extensive than its other rings. This new ring discovery is a timely reminder that reality cannot be avoided, but also shows us the nature of our œreality depends on our conscious awareness, which continues to expand, just like the universe.

This Full Moon is quite powerful. The Moon is exalted in Taurus while opposing Mercury and Ceres as well as the Sun, setting up a fixed T-Square with Mars in Leo, which continues to slow in preparation for its retro cycle next month. With Jupiter, Neptune and Chiron in Aquarius, there is a lot of fixed energy at work. This brings an œall or nothing feel to this Full Moon.  

Fixed signs

Fixed signs are determined, persistent, passionate and intense. Associated with the height of each season, these signs are known for their capacity to get results and endure, but they can also be stubborn and inflexible and given to extremes. Fixed signs see things through to the end, no matter what. Enhanced by Neptune, Chiron and Jupiter in Aquarius and boosted by Mars in Leo, this Full Moon has extra oomph.

Fixity is able to withstand pressure from external factors, for example it can be difficult to penetrate, or influence those with an emphasis of planets in fixed signs.

TaurusFixed Earth: Venus

At its best: Sets high standards of behaviour, quality aesthetics and values. Establishes solid ground rules.

 At its worst: Liable to be stubborn, judgemental, materialistic and possessive.

Leo: Fixed Fire: Sun

At its best: Highly creative and conscious. Strong leadership qualities.

At its worst: Given to arrogance, pride, vanity and narcissism. 

Scorpio: Fixed Water, Mars/Pluto

 At its best: Depth of feeling and capacity to comprehend lifes mysteries.

 At its worst: Jealousy, possessiveness, paranoia, fatalistic.

Aquarius: Fixed Air, Saturn/Uranus

 At its best: Inventive mind full of new ideas. Capacity to think outside the square.

 At its worst: Know-it-all. Mentally arrogant, lacking compassion.

Strength and weakness

The weakness of fixity is its inflexibility, which makes it brittle and liable to break,rather than bend. When things start to change, or when they encounter something contrary to their own ideas, those with an excess of fixity will invariably dig in their heels and become more fixed. Fixed signs are strong and never give up. Highly motivated towards getting a result, fixed signs are able to concentrate and persist in their efforts despite setbacks. They can overcome obstacles by combining staying power and will power.

When operating negatively, fixed signs have a tendency to assume the worst, regardless of the actual circumstances. As a result they can evaluate life according to a set of values and opinions which are only measured on a scale of œgood or œbad. This can lead to a judgemental attitude. With so much fixed energy at this Full Moon, over-reactions and making snap judgements are things to watch out for. On the plus side, this Full Moon asks us to finish what we have started and honour our passions, while recognising that holding on too tightly can stifle growth. 

 Cycle of growth

Sometimes its necessary to reduce and cut back. Pruning the right branches at the right time is necessary for new growth next season and  helps us appreciate that growth is cyclic, not just about having more, or something better. 

Scorpio New Moon – 17 November 2009

 The Sabian symbol for this New Moon is; an x-ray. This potent degree of the zodiac is one of penetration, of seeing beneath appearances to reveal underlying structures, causes and motives. At this New Moon we have the capacity to see beneath the surface. Scorpio is associated with the regenerative processes of life and death; the ultimate transformation. Endings come before new beginnings. In releasing the tendency to judge, to possess, to own, or control, we make way for new growth and development.

Healing Moon

Icons of healing, Hygeia and Chiron are opposing one another in this New Moon chart, and squaring the Sun and Moon. Childhood wounds might be re-opened at this time, yet the first step in the healing process comes when wounds are exposed to light of consciousness. This is a very healing New Moon where we have to potential to penetrate and understand new deeper layers of our unconscious patterns.

By Michele Finey

 Michele Finey is available for personal astrological sessions, either by phone, or in person. She can be contacted via her website

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Authors Website:

Profile: Michele's interest in astrology commenced in childhood, due to a combination of cosmic, genetic and family influences. When she was about nine years old, her mother - for reasons she has never been able to adequately explain - purchased a copy of Ronald C. Davison's book, Astrology, because she had a feeling that one day Michele might need it. She still has that book. Michele is particularly interested in mundane astrology, planetary cycles, medical astrology and mind-body medicine, and equally fascinated by all intuitive arts and sciences, and passionate about planet Earth. Her articles have appeared in a number of publications including; Wellspring's Astrolog, Nature and Health Annual, The FAA Journal, and The Mountain Astrologer. In 2006 she wrote a Health and Wellbeing Report for Esoteric Technologies Solar Fire Suite, which focuses on the ways astrology can aid in stress management, healing and wellbeing. In 2009, Michele's book Secrets of the Zodiac was published by Allen and Unwin.


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