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charlotte dodson

Power poses

Charlotte’s celebrity clients include Australian Supermodel, Miranda Kerr and Miss Universe runner up, Rachael Finch. But she got into Yoga, literally by accident. Here’s how Yoga changed her life …

“It started when, one weekend away, I broke my arm surfing. It meant my daily boxing and running soft sand came to a stand still. I had loved the adrenaline of being fit and healthy and then suddenly I had to stop everything that was important to me in my world.  I got thrown onto another path.”

Dropping everything

“So I began to go regularly to yoga classes. The teacher would instruct, align and occasionally drop in beautiful words like, “let go and your world will open up”, for years I was wondering what to let go of! And then it hit home one day. It was to let go of everything, no more predicting the future or holding on to the past. Yoga for me was actually the challenge to drop everything – fears, expectations and even thoughts. I learnt finally, that our breath is the anchor for us all to live in the present moment. That this is, the ultimate gift, to live in the now.”

Balanced, grounded and focused

“This started to reflect in all my yoga shapes. I was upright, not too far forward in the future or leaning back into the past. As my body became more flexible and strong, so did my mind. It all started to make sense. I was embracing life, bending back for others, which resulted in my backbends arching like a rainbow. My twisting movements improved as I saw life more holistically, from every angle. I was balanced, grounded, focused and strong, my tree pose wouldn’t even lean in a storm. My practice was reflecting me. Yoga was healing me.”

Change your pose, change your life

“Ive learned that while most of us enter a yoga class hoping to get closer to touching our toes, stretching out after a long run or to possibly gain more strength, that Yoga offers much more than this. There are so many benefits that the physical side of a yoga class has to offer; that actually the shape we make with our body, changes our life.”

Posture power

“How can a yoga posture have that much power? Well, for example, in a forward bend, if our head touches our knee, there’s always another variation or shape to work towards. The lesson here is patience. To let go of our conditioned self and to simply Be. Trust and enjoy every step along the way. It’s the journey that’s to be enjoyed, not a race to get somewhere. The transition to connect with ourself will be as long as it takes. There’s no such thing as the end goal, when we think we’ve got somewhere, there’s always somewhere else to go. The experience of doing the pose, brings these things to the fore.”

Follow your heart

“For me, now, Yoga is life, it’s a calm positive state of mind, to simply sit comfortably and be. That’s the challenge for most of us, to train our busy minds to become stiller and to follow our intuition, our heart. To come back to the essence of who we really are, by listening to ourselves. It might sound hard but it sure makes life a lot easier!”

On my path

“Ultimately, the doing and teaching of Yoga has shown me that as I follow what I truly wish for “ my path will lead me the right way and I won’t need to get thrown onto it: To enjoy life’s ride, simply trust, be honest and know that by doing this my world will begin to reflect back the same openness and kindness.”

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Profile: Charlotte, teaches yoga to many stars of sport, the big screen and business. Her one-on-one sessions are booked by models, actors, film directors, TV entertainers, sportsman and influential professionals. Along with her private A list clientele she keeps her projects diverse to stay inspirational and spread the word of positivity.  She is one of the the ambassadors and committee members for 'International Womens Day' and  is passionate about yoga as a way of transforming health and vitality in everyday life. To book in for private yoga sessions or for other relevant projects, yoga features, PR and information, please visit her website.


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