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Last week I did an interview on the ABC about Omigoddess! One of the questions I got asked was (and I’m paraphrasing here), is the whole self development, improve yourself, mind/body/spirit approach to personal growth bogus? It’s a really good question. 

Improving ourselves

Thirty years ago, there wasn’t even a self-help section in bookshops. Now these publications account for over 50 per cent of all book sales worldwide. You can’t throw an Anthony Robbins motivational CD (love your work Tony) without hitting another course, retreat, DVD, book or workshop designed to help you heal or have the life of your dreams. (Even I’ve published one, but that’s another story …) There seems to be an insatiable desire to improve ourselves. Even the international, publishing sensation, Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert is about a quest for spiritual enlightenment. (Currently filming with Julia Roberts in Bali!)

Personal longing

It’s easy to be cynical. If these things worked, why do we keep consuming, sometimes at the cost thousands of dollars? Personally, I could have bought a small villa in France with the amount of cash I have spent in sessions and on retreat. Would it have made me happier – I don’t know – maybe if I’d written a book about it called Eat, Pray, Love! What I do know is, that one of the traps of personal development is the idea that we have to become something in order to be happy, rich, in a great relationship (fill in the blanks with your own personal longing here). 


And what I also know is, that doing so many groups and learning a hundred different types of meditations and reading books from being in the now to being who I really want to be has also radically changed my life and got me closer to who I really am. Could I have done it without all this help. I don’t know. But I doubt it.

One of the things I love about living right now, is how much information we have available to us. How many resources, tool and skills we can access. So much wisdom at the touch of a mouse or a visit to a bookshop, which can help us with everything from, changing beliefs that don’t serve us to helping me work out situations that no-one gave us the map for when we were growing up. I can go online and read teachings from every major guru going and I can choose what works for me. There has never been a period of history where we have had that kind of freedom. Or the freedom to explore the inner in so many diverse ways. 

Our own truth

Now we can all be our own gurus – find our truth for ourselves. A friend of mine who sat with a master in India for many years, recently said to me, “I think the time for gurus have gone – it’s up to us now”. Do I believe that to be true?- I don’t know.  They say a teacher chooses you, so if that’s your experience, then great. And for me, I think the challenge is to learn from others without thinking they have the answers for me.  In the meantime please do read Holly’s story about her life after reading 100 Self Help Books! (How to be rich, thin with great hair) It’s moving, funny and a reminder of what’s really important. And if you have any comments about this or anything else on the site, we’d love to hear them! Write to us in the Omigoddess office!

Have a fabulous week.


P.S. Here the interview for Radio National’s  The Spirit of Things. The subject was Cyber-spirituality. The show hosted by Rachael Kohn, is a fascinating look at what’s happening online in this arena and how Omigoddess! is leading the way as an online inspirational magazine for women. I talk in the second half of the show about the site, why I created it and the move towards transformational entertainment. You can listen to it or download it. Enjoy!

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