The bright side of life

Dust storm

Tangerine dreams

If you live in Sydney, you would have woken up last week, to this – a world gone tangerine! The pictures are amazing but not as incredible as it was to see the city disappear into a deep red, orange glow.  The dust storm that caused the effect blew in overnight and waking up to the ochre blanket that covered everything was both beautiful and a bit like being an extra in the movie Apocalypse  Now. It was awesome and a bit spooky!

Looking on the orange side of life

It’s very impressive to see what nature can do and to be reminded that we really are at the mercy of the elements. It’s also fascinating how everything looks so different when the word is bright orange! Talk about a different perspective. My favourite quote of yesterday was when a girlfriend commented how flattering the light was – just like candlelight. And I thought, that’s just fabulous. The city is engulfed in a huge storm and all she can see is the positive – that it makes her look great!

Marmalade skies

Lisa Heidke our comedy, chick-lit author has written a great  piece on living without complaining – it’s not as easy as it sounds. Check out her story and maybe try and see the world through orange-coloured spectacles this week.  

Julie x

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