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Week Three – Business woman for sale

So just in case you haven’t read the first two blogs, I was made redundant (week 1) and spent a week at home considering designing clothes for the unemployed (week 2).  Now we’re into week 3 and it’s down to the serious business of getting back in the work saddle.

Pimp my product

So once I ticked off my rage, anger, sadness, frustration “ all necessary (apparently) emotions to be feeling and expressing “ lest I miss one and be stuck on redundant row forever , I was deemed ready (whatever that means) to put myself out there (whereever that is). Begrudgingly, off came my victim beret (and I lurve victim “ dont have to do much and everything is soooo everyone elses fault) and on came my business development hardhat. For Gods sake, I have been pimping brands, products and services for years, how hard could it be to flog yours truly?

Support spin

I shared my intention with friends and was bombarded with support and advice. œIts not what you know, its who you know and really knowing whos worth knowing, (or something like that). œUse your network (genius, thanks).  œMost companies are not advertising in these tough times and even less are using recruitment agencies (derr, thats because they are laying off people, not putting them on!). œWork out what sort of company you want to work for and contact them (easy, straight-forward and completely intimidating).  And my favourite, œuse this time to connect with your passion and pursue that path “ dont just accept a job for the sake of it . If only I made a dollar for every time that line has been spun to me over the past few weeks, I wouldnt need to connect with my passion or take a job at all!

Brand me

So with all the advice and support one redundant could bear, I kicked off on my business development plan. I brainstormed my list of possible contacts; ranked them as tier 1,2 or 3 leads, created an excel spreadsheet to record my results and I was ready to put myself out there again. And then a coach friend of mine gave my one last piece of advice “ œcreate a business card, he suggested.  Sure a resume is a necessary tool of any redundant but (apparently) a business card acts as a snapshot, a memento, a small reminder of me.  Something that fits easily into a wallet ¦ okay I get the picture. œAnd if you can include a positioning statement, even better.  He went on to explain like any positioning statement, my positioning statement would give my targets a window into the real me “ brand me “ like it!  The best one my friend had seen lately was a guy whose card stated œnot a morning person.  Got it! 


So how honest should I be? Down and destitute, Redundant am I. Or should I go with a physical reminder, Girl with fro, Sans cleavage, Freckled face?  Then came the adjectives “ Passionate (too smootchy), Tenacious (great, a nag), Communicator (worse, someone who never shuts up). And then I thought how about Single,  bugger it, if I am going to invest in a piece of collateral, best it works damn hard to meet all my life objectives. After much deliberation tho’, I settled on Enthusiast – slightly ironic with just a lovely hint of my energy -and ran it by my coach friend (Motivator) and got the big thumbs up. 

Card creative

 So now I was ready to brief creative.  Fonts, colours, layout “ all vital in reinforcing the perception I wanted to impart. I had my designer produce a number of options “ important to generate buoyant discussion with client when presenting.  I mounted the finished designs on boards and prepared a 10-page powerpoint to provide rationale behind each. The presentation went well. The client thought I had captured her needs brilliantly and made a decision on the spot. (God I love working with me.)  I went with a simple rounded sans serif font “ reinforcing my warm and friendly nature “ and chose turquoise as the primary colour to represent communicating with heart-felt feelings and confidence, rather than fear (new age friends can be that handy sometimes!).

And with that, I was truly ready to network my network.

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Profile: Naomi Menahem is a multi-faceted communications specialist with core competencies in major account management and business development. She is currently enjoying the thrill of exploring her next career move in the middle of a global economic re-structure.


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