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Think you should sit tight because global markets are going through a big re-structure and economically things are insecure “ wrong! Now is the perfect time to move jobs. Heres why ¦

Right now we are surrounded by stories on redundancy and doom and gloom in the job market. But actually, all of this global re-organization can offer us a huge opportunity to change the things we dont like about our working life.

4 reasons to change your career right now

1. Take advantage of the volatility

Theres a lot of fluidity in the job market. With corporate structures shedding roles, its expected that people will be on the move career wise, so making a big job jump in the current climate will be a small blip on employers radar.  If you want to re-invent yourself, have a career makeover or take time out, its not going to be such a stretch for recruiters to understand.

2. Employers need you

In tough times Companies look for motivated people. If you are good at what you do, you are going to be valued right now. When every dollar counts people want to hire effective employees. And they will pay them to stay on board.

3. Take time out

 If you have been re-trenched and paid out then take your redundancy pay and set up your own business, or use the time to look around and get something youve always wanted. Being paid to have that space is a rare opportunity. Alternatively go and use your career break to re-train or do a new course at college or work freelance for a while until you are sure where you want to be headed.

4. Keep it in perspective

Despite the constant bad news, the reality is the Australian economy is proving very resilient.. The Australian job market is still steady. According to statistics, the unemployment figures only rose 0.8 percent in the last year and that’s from an all time low figure. Our  GDP rose to 0.4% in first quarter of 2009 (ABS ) and Australia has been forecast as one of the countries most likely to recover from the financial ‘crisis’ first. What this means, is,  there are still lots of  great opportunities out there.

Decided to jump “ now what?

If you are going to change career you need a plan of action. Hugh Mackay, social researcher, psychologist and writer, describes the current economic climate as a œtransitional period. He suggests a short time of re-evaluation is good before moving forward. In his book Advance Australia ¦Where? Mackay describes that ,œan inward focus can set us thinking about the quality of our lives, the ordering of our priorities and the personal goals we might want to achieve. Mackay also says its, œa very good way to clarify if people do want to make change.  In other words, take some time to plan; go to a park, your favourite café or a weekend away and create a list of goals so you can take control of change and make sure you get the job you love. 

Go for it

Tony Wright, career coach and therapist at The Career Clinic in Edgecliff, Sydney, offers this advice to kick start change: œHow do we find resources that we need? We tend to go out and talk to people. You might also do a bit of your own research for it. Pay attention to people when they are talking about their work, if they seem excited about their work explore that. If you are excited by what that person is saying about their work, go and research into it.  So talk to friends and people you trust and make the leap. Now is the perfect time.


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