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Week 4

Is it possible to suffer from networking burnout? My God, three to four coffees a day and travelling all over Melbourne and Sydney to have them was slowly proving exhausting¦ not to mention the levels of caffeine in my system by the end of each day made sleep virtually impossible. It wasnt too soon before even the sight of coffee prompted me to ask, whoever I was with, how they got into their professional path, which industries they believed were recession-proof and whether they could suggestion two other people I should talk to. Needless to say my friends didnt see this as an appropriate response to them sharing their boyfriend, husband, children and life woes.

 Networking frenzy

It was clear I needed a break “ a break from my networking frenzy that was the result of my enforced break (which has left me broken) but this break, rather, would be a self-induced break (which would hopefully repair the bits that were broken). I mean how much receiving can one girl bear? I have never in my life experienced so much generosity by friends, colleagues and clients. Dont get me wrong the family was there too, but that was more in the way of food offerings and money (yep my parents were keen for me to move back home and retire early ¦ like I havent been traumatised enough!).

Work experience

And then a friend gave me a wonderful gift “ she mentioned that when she was a redundant in 2000, she packed herself off to a health retreat where she subsequently lived doing a program they called ˜work experience. œWork experience at my age, at this point in my life? œJust check it out, she encouraged.

Fart food 

So I did “ I visited a couple of websites and there it was “ work experience: five weeks of room and board, and the opportunity to return for a week as a guest, in exchange for helping out around the place. Considering I have never quite understood the attraction of health retreats (investing all that money to have someone wake me at 5am to go for a walk when I get up everyday at that time to exercise anyway and eating fart food at every meal was never my idea of a holiday) I thought perfect, kill a few birds with one stone. So I applied and much to my delight, I was accepted.

Do you want caffeine with that?

 And then it hit me “ not only will I get some R&R in what was constantly being described to me as a ˜healing environment (perfect for a redundant), but I would be surrounded by stressed-out executives (who else could afford the indulgence).  And just as they approach the highly traumatic day three of their detox, I could offer the coffee and chocolate parcels in exchange for career advice or even a job (depending I guess on how severe their craving levels were). Genius! Bribery and corruption “ love it!

Dirty Dancing (random I know)

This place was going to be perfect! From the guests to the staff, I couldnt resist but think what antics we would get up to after hours in the staff quarters. Flashes of the sweaty, thrusting pelvises of Dirty Dancing filled my mind. Should I practice carrying a couple of watermelons around?  I tried but couldn’t help the thought “ nobody puts Naomi in a corner! I wondered whether I would have the time of my life?

Find out how Naomi got on in next week’s blog.

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