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Just been made a redundancy statistic? So was Naomi. Check out this ex-executives blog of work lost and hope found.

Redundancy Week 2

The new me “ whoever that is ¦

The past few years have seen me embark on a spiritual journey “ you know “ finding myself, or the true me or the real me under the layer of what is already me “ something like that anyway.

So of course along the way I have met some new-age people, all of whom are helping me locate me, as they take their own path to uncovering themselves “ highly complex but somewhere in all of this friendships have formed with who exactly we are (not really sure who that is because none of us have reached enlightenment so we are all still fundamentally operating as someone else until we find ourselves!).

Misery “ I love it

Anyhow, slowly but surely news spread of my plight at losing my job.  Almost instantaneously, I was overwhelmed by emails bearing thoughtful and poignant well wishes. The first few were gorgeous; I hope many doors open as this one closes and œone day soon, when you come out the other side of this you might see that this is in fact a really good thing and an amazing opportunity to do something different and finally, œso the universe and your soul have delivered you a new opportunity. I was touched and touched over and over again but by the time I got to receiving quotes from the Dalai Lama and advice that I should, œtrust that the unscheduled events in our lives are a form of spiritual direction I was done. All I wanted was one friend to share my pain and encourage me to stay in victim and tell me it was personal and I should panic because unemployment is on the rise and there is global financial crisis that doesnt have an end in sight.

Acetone high

But no, on and on they came, one more esoteric than the othe,r all telling me I am not my job and in fact it – my job – probably dilutes me and keeps me from my path “ what they hell does that mean anyway? Even headhunters are joining in on the act letting me know that I have to pass through all stages of emotion “ shock, sadness, anger (the highlight of the lot “ less tissues and very productive!) and frustration and that I should do something small (read inexpensive “ got to make those pennies last) for myself like get a hair cut (the redundant cut where I thought it wise to downsize my hair in sympathy with how I was feeling at the time ¦big mistake!), have my nails done and the like. I took her advice and the high was incredible for the three minutes it lasted and that could have been from the acetone anyway.

Love a drama

But dont get me wrong, I was so grateful and still am for the overwhelming and continuous support I am receiving “ thats the other thing. Between being Jewish and having a new age community around me “ I can rest assured of support for days “ both love a drama, a problem that must be solved, or even better yet left unsolved so the dialogue around how I am, or how I really am can fester for moths. Jewish and new age ¦forget it “ I told that group I got another job weeks ago.


I digress. Once again out of adversity came my next great entrepreneurial idea. One particularly creative day, I cut and paste all my new age pearls on to one page, read them in one hit and was left feeling slightly dizzy, but completely inspired and revving to go and thought, genius! “ I can publish The Little Blue Book (sic) of redundant sayings.  In a climate like this  its sure to be a best seller!

Follow Naomis further adventures in unemployment land next week ¦

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Profile: Naomi Menahem is a multi-faceted communications specialist with core competencies in major account management and business development. She is currently enjoying the thrill of exploring her next career move in the middle of a global economic re-structure.


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