Man! I feel like a woman

Tough Woman

Its a Yin thing

Some years ago I was told by a body worker that I was very masculine. I nearly died with horror because actually Id always thought of myself as a feminine woman. I had long hair and I wore a bit of make up and cared about my looks. I had no idea what he was talking about but because the critical mass of my life had fallen into a giant wobbly heap I decided it was worth asking the question “ what was making me such a pseudo bloke?

On a mission
On closer investigation it turned out to be nothing to do with my appearance and everything to do with how I operated. Nigel, my body-worker was picking up energetically on a strong inner man and a much weaker inner woman. Was it true that I was more of a God than a Goddess? The jury was out but I officially declared myself on a mission to find my feminine side.

Wearing the pants
Like many women I was running around doing it all, giving it out and making it everything happen. Yes of course as a modern day woman I wanted to be able to make empowered and interesting choices about my life, be in a good relationship, build a career and have children. But I found myself completely exhausted and very confused: Confused about where a man ends and a woman begins and vice versa. Unlike the past, I didnt have a tried and tested template for my relationships and roles anymore. It had all become very undefined and blurry and a little bit wonky too! My Yang was all over my Yin or to put it another way, it was easy for me to see that my masculine energy was wearing the pants “ I was fully busted.

Moving past the stereotype
I began to understand its easy to fall out of balance when you dont really know what a true masculine/feminine balance looks like – how can it work these days without us reverting to the suffocating roles of the 1950s? (If you dont what that was like, get out the movie ˜Revolutionary Road with Kate Winslet on DVD “ Omigoddess! “ we are talking major repression.)

What I discovered was that our feminine side is about our interior, our feelings, intuition, listening, being, going with the flow and receiving the goodies in life like love and abundance. In contrast our male energy is about logical thinking, achieving outcomes, getting it happening, doing it “ this is our out there in the world side. One isnt better than the other “ actually they are both important. But if as a woman, the male half starts to take over then you lose touch with the gifts that the feminine side brings and the result can be the burned out gal I used to be.

It is better to receive than give!
So with a bit of practise I found my way back to my feminine centre and learned the true power of being a woman. I loved it so much I now teach the secrets of being a real goddess. So lets get a bit more intimate with those feminine energy qualities.
In a workshop I ran recently on relationships, we were getting clear on masculine and feminine energy and I asked where they would place giving, and everyone said women. And then I asked about receiving and everyone said men.
Hmmmm ¦you know what, its the other way round.

Getting back into balance
Masculine energy gives, provides, protects and loves through action. Its important for men to be able to do this to feel good and useful.
If, as women, we have already done it all yesterday and got it all sorted then there is actually no space or place for men to express themselves in a healthy, hearty way.
Feminine energy receives, allows it all in and loves through nurturing, softness and understanding. Its important for women to receive from men and from life because then we feel cherished.
We all need a healthy portion of both masculine and feminine energy no matter what our gender is but in these often busy and bewildering times we seem to have lost touch with the natural beauty, strength and balance of God and Goddess, its all probably buried somewhere under our ˜to do list. So heres how to receive and allow a lot more of the good stuff …

10 steps to nurturing your feminine energy

  • Let yourself be complemented “ do not reject or deny or bat away, acknowledge it, accept it, own it.
  • Allow others to support and help you, just say yes!
  • Ask others for support and help when you feel you need it, if you find it challenging “ try it anyway.
  • If you are in a relationship let your partner in your life love you and give to you by doing stuff, providing help and looking after you.Take a risk and ask for what you want, have a conversation about ways this can happen.
  • Grow your feminine energy, its different for everybody, find out more about what this looks like in your life.
  • Start now by setting your intention to receive more. That means asking the universe for what you want and trusting it will weave its way into your life rather than you having to get out there and make it happen.
  • Receive your own love and nurturing “ really give it to yourself in a way you appreciate.
  • Remember you, like everyone, deserve love and abundance
  • Have regular gratitude moments for all that you are already receiving

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Profile: Dimahi is a guide and facilitator who works with you to create positive change, healing and deeper self love. She is a qualified counsellor, clairvoyant and energy healer with many years experience. Dimahi has transformed her own life from toxic to terrific and is currently writing her first book, to be published soon.


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One Response to “Man! I feel like a woman”

  1. Lynette says:

    Hi Dimahl

    When I read your article I felt like someone had stabbed me in the heart. I have always thought that I too was feminine but as a result of my father dying when I was eight years old and living in a household of girls we had to fend for ourselves in every area of our life so I did not get the chance of seeing the male /female, ying / yang balance.

    Thank you for putting it into words that has enabled me to see where I can grow next.