Older and wiser Barbie

old barbie
Does my bum look big in this?

Ever wished for slimmer thighs? A smaller waist? Bigger breasts? A flatter tummy? A face lift?

I know my hand is up. Finding a woman who is happy with her body, accepts that cellulite happens, and finds more pleasure in the aging process than she does horror, is rarer than hens teeth. So why the often super struggle with our female form?

Get them while theyre young

Its well documented how many images of super slim women, girls see before they even get out of pre-school. Just check out their dolls. I was reared on Barbie. Actually she was designed from a German cartoon character, which was originally inspired by a porno star! A doll with huge boobs and a micro waist, legs as long and lean as knitting needles and a neat, perfectly proportioned bottom.  

Plastic fantastic 

I had a Barbie when I was young, a second hand one, she arrived with her pony and her pink snazzy car quite late in my doll life, I was nearly over them, but I had wanted one for so long ¦  She instantly became my queen, the one, my super doll. Now I am well and truly a grown up and of course know that Barbies are fake and that kind of fabulous is only available in plastic or in the Playboy mansion. But some part of my female psyche clings onto this image of perfection.  We get plugged into these mythical creatures at a very tender age and what may seem like an innocent time can often end up in stress and eating disorders.

Natural body shapes

Only one per cent of the female population have natural body shapes that come anywhere close to Barbie. Historically the fashion industry and most womens magazines have disproportionately represented and defined beautiful and sexy in terms of tall, thin and under twenty five, sorry, just not helpful for most of us.

 Getting real

Thankfully this situation is starting to soften out just a little with magazines and fashion now becoming more responsible by including some normal sized women and plus size models. Even the manufacturers of Barbie have recently thickened her waist and thighs a teeny bit – perhaps in honour of her turning 50!! 

Size does matter

 But there is a lot of pressure on women to be flawless, young and skinny and in the era of size 000, ping pong diets, booming anorexia and bulimia there are some really obvious signs of the strain. We can opt for plastic surgery, implants and high-tech solutions to our wrinkles and wobbly bits, dropping a decade with a brow injection can feel good but maybe there are also some deeper issues going on here.  So lets talk about self-love.   

We have choices

 Women have great bullshit detectors and surely we know somewhere inside that a lot of what is going on is destructive and painful for women. As women we have a choice, we can reject our bodies, think ourselves to be too fat, too flat chested, too thin, too old or not beautiful enough “ it starts with us.

Celebrate our curves

Or we can make the decision to celebrate our curves and our unique shapes and appreciate what we have. In my experience love is a great beautician. Women who love themselves look great at any age, women who love themselves beam with light and glow in the dark.

 So perhaps its time to re-calibrate and reboot those finely tuned female bullshit detectors. Whatever other choices we make, lets make the choice to say, ˜I love myself. I love myself right now, just as I am. I love myself with my (these are optional!) wobbly bits, my orange peel, my wrinkles, my frown lines.

I choose to love myself as I am   

 Eight tips for  body self love

1) Tell a friend or a complete stranger how beautiful they look today and every day.

2) Look in the mirror and rather than assessing the imperfections simply say œ I love you – you rock!

3) Thank your body, remind it that is a wonderful chariot that holds your soul and does many amazing things that you generally take for granted.

4) Make a choice to grow your self love

5) Join me and pray for real women with generous thighs and broken capillaries to be worshipped just as much as catwalk queens

6) Remember you are the one; the more you love and accept yourself the more the world sings this love song back to you.

7) Treat yourself as gently and sweetly as a new born kitten.

8) Be part of the vibration that loves womens bodies as they really are, stop criticising yourself and when you hear other women do it ask them to please rephrase what they just said in a more self loving way. 








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Profile: Dimahi is a guide and facilitator who works with you to create positive change, healing and deeper self love. She is a qualified counsellor, clairvoyant and energy healer with many years experience. Dimahi has transformed her own life from toxic to terrific and is currently writing her first book, to be published soon.


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