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Nic Askew describes himself as a spiritual filmmaker. But it wasn’t always so. A few years back, he had just become CEO of a well known marketing company and had been offered a massive contract when he realized his life had become, in his own words, ˜ridiculous. So he turned it down and went in search of something that had real meaning for him. He ended up behind the camera making profound short films that are deeply moving. Here he talks to Omigoddess! about taking risks, following your dream and his unique personal vision.

OMG: You didnt train as a filmmaker how did you get started?

Nic: “I got into filmmaking the same way as most things Ive done. (Ive tried a lot of things in my life not knowing I was looking for something.) I suddenly got the idea I should be making films, tho I didnt know why and I had never picked up a camera before. So I got one from a friend and shot the first film by pushing the red button! I was entirely self- taught and that was about four years ago.”

OMG: And you didnt look back?

Nic: “The moment I took it up I dropped everything else. I launched into it, knowing it was the right thing to do but not having a clue about where the money would come from. The question for me at the start was how could I do it? The two questions I get asked now is, ˜where do you find the people or ˜do you make money?”

OMG: Werent you scared to throw away a high-flying career?

“Nic: There was a time I looked for certainty and then I realized that there is only one certainty and that is, its all okay. I have no ambition and no plan, its not for me to steer it, its not for me to do. But I do have that knowing. Sometimes I have had no idea how I was going to pay the rent, after getting rid of the mortgage to fund this. And I have three small children! Now Im in a place where Im funded by generous patrons. So who knows where it will go from here. But now, I dont have to face fear so much.”

OMG: Your short films are mesmerizing. What did you want to achieve in making them?

Nic: “I wanted to provoke people to notice the experience of their own lives.”

OMG: They are incredibly personal in a very short time. How do you create that?

Nic: “For me its about having nowhere to go. To realize that you dont have to become someone or get anywhere. You just need to see what it is around you with no assumptions about whats in the way. Because if you do, its incredibly peaceful. To see the person right in front you as amazing where you dont need anything to happen. So then it becomes safe for the person to talk about themselves to the camera. To share what they may never talked about it.”

OMG: So by not judging what you are seeing people open up?

Nic: “There are two parts of a conversation. What people tell me they think the audience wants to hear. Then that drops and they start to talk as a human being and that has an amazing effect. The more it happens the more it lights up the film. Every encounter we have with someone has the potential to make us feel lighter or darker. Thats what its about. Thats what I want to do. To ignite a curiosity; to provoke a depth of enquiry about it; to write and tell stories without anything in the way.”

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Profile: Nic is many things. Film-maker, storyteller, musician, composer. In his latest film series, Soul Biographies, he captures the experience of being human. And in doing so, offers the viewer the opportunity to be moved to tears and laughter. And to move into a deeper experience of themselves. You can subscribe to all of Nic's new short films & stories at


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