Are you earth, fire or air?

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In the ancient practice of ayurveda – a holistic style of medicine from India – there’s a belief we’re all made up of elements of air, earth or fire and one of these energies is always more dominant. Unlike astrology ayurveda doesn’t include water types, but it teaches that if you know your body type, you can understand how to bring your energies into balance. To find out your essential element, ask yourself if you are …



A fire type

  • Ambitious, likes to lead and be in control “ do you just love a challenge?
  • Passionate and prefer red-hot relationships
  • Very energetic but can sometimes burn out
  • Loyal and generous to those you love
  • Someone who thrives on change
  • Self-confident and clear about what you want
  • Impatient and bossy

If you answered yes to three or more statements above, then you’re an active, big hearted fire type. You’re honest, passionate and confident. When the going gets tough, you get going! For balance, get more in touch with your feminine side by nurturing yourself and treating others with more compassion.

An earth type

  • Easygoing and fun
  • Sensuous, love to touch and be touched
  • Open, friendly and giving
  • Caring, considerate and gentle with people you love
  • Sometimes shy, but very determined when you know what you want
  • Slow to change but find routines tedious
  • Withdrawn when you feel challenged

If this sounds like you, then you’re an earth type. A laid-back person who’s a trustworthy and warm friend. You sometimes need to be challenged and encouraged out of your comfort zone to stay in balance.

An air type

  • A witty individual who’s very sociable and entertaining
  • Sensitive and deeply insightful
  • Spontaneous, with a love of communication
  • A rule breaker “ freedom is your ultimate happiness
  • A devoted and luscious lover
  • Sweet and kooky
  • Prone to stress with a mind that never stops

If you answered yes to at least three, you’re one-of-a-kind, highly individual and creative. To stay in balance you need to take time out to relax. Massage and gentle exercise are good for you.

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