Bamboo fashion – so cool right now!

Clothes with conscience

After 15 years in the mainsteam retail fashion business, Anna Walsh decided she wanted to design fashion that looked great and also helped the planet. It was then she discovered that you could make clothes out of bamboo!

Real women’s bodies

“I began to get bamboo fabric through one of my shops, I loved the feel of it and I could see the potential.  Trouble was, the samples I saw weren’t very flattering, so that’s when I thought, why don’t I use this and make clothes for real women’s bodies – for people like me, that want good cuts, generous sizing and in beautiful eco-friendly material. That’s how it started.”

Totally natural

“From there I went to China, as it’s one of the only countries creating bamboo fabric and learned a whole lot more about it. Apart from the softness, bamboo is one of the best fabrics for the planet because very little water and no pesticides are used to grow it. And this also means that there is nothing toxic against your body. So bamboo clothes really do make your body, your temple. Even more amazing bamboo is a natural deodorant and has UV protection and the fabric has insulating properties which keep you cooler in summer (you don’t sweat in bamboo) and warmer in winter.”

Purest fabric

” The whole China thing was overwhelming until I met up with a girlfriend and fellow designer who gave me a helping hand into the fashion wholesale game! She helped me find a supplier with the purest bamboo fabrics and offered to manufacture my designs through her factory. And, yes, I did check it out and no, it wasn’t a sweatshop! The people and the vibe were friendly, happy, healthy and creative, so I knew I was on the right track.”

Good look – good karma!

” Now I have a whole range. The fabric is woven to my unique specifications, then organically dyed in earthy, classic colours. The great thing about bamboo is it doesn’t crush and it’s fast to dry. You can wear it out in the evening, to the beach, the gym, to yoga or to the office. It’s really that versatile. And my designs don’t go out of style, they cover up flaws, while showing off assets. Bamboo is so comfy, elegant, sensual and practical to wear. And it’s good for the earth, which is good karma!”

Anna’s label BODYPEACE is available from:

Anna Walsh

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