How green is your sex life?

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With all this talk of carbon trading schemes and issues environmental, it was only a matter of time before the green spotlight was shone upon sex and dating. Forget metrosexuals, retrosexuals and ubersexuals. If youre passionate about the environment then youre an ecosexual. In the past ecosexuals were forced to trawl health food stores and organic famers market in the quest for a green prince or princess. It wasnt easy being single and green but these days you can log onto dedicated online dating websites or attend green speed dating events. This is a trend that started, of course, in Americas home of new-age environmentalists “ California.

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Once you find your dream greenie, its time to turn your attention to your sex life. The first line of defence, condoms, raise an environmentally aware eyebrow or two. In April this year a Brazilian condom factory opened. It produces 100 million rubbers each year that are distributed free as part of the Brazilian governments anti AIDS campaign. The factory benefits 500 families and the rainforest as the latex is drawn from towering jungle trees in the sprawling Chico Mendes forest reserve by small time rubber tappers who protect their trees and the rainforest. So now we have free trade condoms but the jury is still out on whether they are biodegradable. Up to 100 million condoms are improperly disposed of each year in the U.K. and flushing them is the biggest no-no. If you are a true tree-hugging-hippie then its likely you choose to avoid all animal products. If so, make sure you are buying vegan condoms. There are dedicated websites listing the biggest manufacturers and whether they fit the bill.


Even if you are flying solo, you can decrease your carbon wet spot by using rechargeable vibrators instead of churning through packet after packet of double As. Its also important to be aware of the plastic used to produce any sex toys stashed in your bedside table. Phthalates are used in many plastic products particularly jelly style toys and were banned in Europe in 2004 but not here in Australia. Recent studies on mice have shown phthalates can cause cancer and damage to the reproductive system. Legitimate retailers like The Pleasure Box strongly advise against purchasing jelly toys and offer safer alternatives.

And then theres lube. Like many personal care products on the market including cosmetics and beauty products, lube can contain all manner of nasty chemicals. Just like when you plan to put something in your mouth, when you are going to put it on your skin always read the label. According to the Skin Deep report by the Environmental Working Group 33 percent of personal care products on the market today contain at least one chemical that can be linked to cancer. Watch out for parabens, acrylamide and DEA to name just a few. Choose organic and always read the label.

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Bamboo sheets, birth control and deforestation of your nether regions are all matters of consideration if you care about the future of our planet. Do your bit while youre getting a bit I say.

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