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The power of colour

We live in a world of colour, but according to Rafida Ali from Aura-Soma Australia, most of us are unaware just how much colour can influence our mood, health and even destiny.

Aura Soma (meaning ‘light body’ in India’s ancient Sanskrit language) is a healing technique created over 20 years ago by UK esoteric practitioner Vicky Wall, a podiatrist, pharmacist and herbalist. Vicky, who as a child had been taught about the healing properties of plants, went almost blind later in life “ which, as a reuslt assisted her ability to see the energetic light fields known as auras, surrounding us.

Through  meditation, Vicky began creating her vibrant kaleidoscope of essences, which brought together the energies of crystals, herbs, essential oils and brilliant colours.

Originally, her bottles were designed to be ornamental. Then she made a big discovery. Vicky realised there was a relationship between the people who were attracted to certain shades and the colour of their own auric resonance – what she called a person’s ‘true colours’.

Using her intuition, Vicky developed a colour system. She claimed it could harmonize your aura and tell you a great deal about your life and future.

Rainbow power

So how does it work? First of all, Aural Soma consultant Paula Phelan invites her clients to choose four ‘equillibrium’ bottles from a collection of 105 beautiful colour combinations. It’s important that the client pick their own bottles Paula explains.

“In this way, a session is very non-invasive. The choices you make are thought to reflect where you are at that moment, so a session is always about what is current. Or as Vicky Wall put it, ‘You are the colour you  choose.” Each bottle, and the order in which they are chose, is symbolic. 

Language of colour

Once you’ve chosen the four bottles, you’re most drawn to, you put a few drops of the essence on any part of your body, usually recommended by the consultant, twice a day. The belief is, that the vibration of the essence raises the vibration of your body and brings healing. 

Each essence comes with an affirmation you are encouraged to say daily while  you work with it. My reading was totally accurate. It was fun, easy to understand, and I learnt a lot about why I make the colour choices I do in life.

Liquid Light

We’re often drawn to wear colours that match what we most need in our lives to achieve balance. What does your outfit or jewellery say about your?

RED: emergy and enthusiasm

CORAL: supportive relationships

ORANGE: stepping into life again

GOLD: wisdom and joy

YELLOW: fun and laughter

GREEN: trust

SAPPHIRE BLUE: peace and communication

ROYAL BLUE: infinite possibliities

VIOLET: change and transformation

TURQUOISE: creativity and speaking your truth

DEEP MAGENTA: serving humanity

PINK: love and self-acceptance

WHITE: clarity and new beginnings

RAINBOW: being radiant

A standard Aura-Soma consultation lasts between 30-60 minutes and costs about $70. To organise a personal, group or corporate Aura-Soma consultation, order an essence or find out about accredited training courses visit

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